We need to talk about sex - essential CPD

We are sexual beings. It is no surprise that our clients need to talk about sex. Yet, for many counsellors and psychotherapists, it is a subject to shy away from. Some are under-confident or worried and others recall being told this is the territory for ‘properly trained’ psychosexual therapists only. However, when we withdraw from this subject we can exacerbate issues of embarrassment, self-loathing and shame in our clients. There has to be a better way…
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The trauma series: working effectively, creatively and safely with the past trauma of our clients I, II and III

This is a planned series of workshops for counsellors and psychotherapists for 2019, combining training and peer supervision on three practical aspects of working with trauma and dissociation. More information will be posted soon. 

Working safely with trauma and dissociation I and II

This is a training day we have provided for a team of counsellors whose clients are dealing with the impact of trauma and abuse. We welcome any interest from other organisations who would like us to provide this event.  

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The wounded inner child:
steps to recovery from an abusive past

Child abuse comes in many forms: physical, emotional, ritual, sexual, domestic violence and neglect. All can leave deep psychological scars. Feelings of shame, guilt, sadness, anger and pain live on in the maturing adult's "inner child". We recognise that the past cannot be changed. However, there is healing to be found in acknowledging the abuse and its consequences and learning how to satisfy the inner child's unmet needs. In this inspiring one-day event, you will learn how survivors can reach out to their inner child and embrace the recovery process.
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Living with cancer, the identity thief

Cancer and its treatments can change people physically, mentally, financially, spiritually and sexually, leaving them wondering "Who am I?" Friends and family can also find it tough to be faced with someone who has in some way lost their identity. In this inspiring one-day event, you will learn how it is possible to travel on this difficult journey while keeping a sense of self intact. And how one can adjust to a changing lifestyle and embrace the new person that emerges.

This 2017 event can be rescheduled for 2019 - let us know if you are interested.

Life after 'the psycho': recovering your self

"Psycho" is the label we are giving to people who are emotionally abusive in relationships, such as Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Bullies. Living or working with, or being related to, a "Psycho" is like being on a rollercoaster. Even after the relationship is ended, the survivor can be left feeling debilitated, scared, angry and confused. In this inspiring one-day event, you will gain insight about these relationships and how to heal from them and recover parts of the self that have been crushed. 

This 2017 event can be rescheduled for 2019 - let us know if you are interested.

Living with a partner who has died

We recognise and embrace the reality that even when a partner dies, they continue to be part of our lives. So we challenge the belief that a bereaved person's goal is to "get over it" or "move on". In this inspiring one-day event, you will discover how it is possible to develop a new kind of relationship with a partner who has died. Even though they are not physically present, they do not have to be left behind. The incredible bond between two people can continue to be honoured and integrated into everyday life going forward. 

This 2017 event can be rescheduled for 2019 - let us know if you are interested.
Psychotherapist GILL SWEETING and Counsellor JANE BURTON both run busy private practices in Buxton, Derbyshire. They understand, from both personal and professional perspectives, that life is a journey that can sometimes be difficult to navigate, with stop signs, potholes, crossroads and hidden dangers that can leave us anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, traumatised and even helpless.

Having known each other for many years, and worked together in a variety of therapeutic settings, Jane and Gill joined forces to develop the Heal And Learn Foundation as a way of offering an alternative style of education to people wishing to deepen their awareness and understanding, to create new opportunities for themselves and to transform their lives or help others to do so.

Quotes from feedback on our 2017 events

"I would like to thank you for such an enjoyable, informative day"

"I really enjoyed the day, was nice to have some time for myself and discuss a topic I find interesting. It was a nice calm setting and quite relaxing. Also you both helped make it relaxing and enjoyable."

"Just thank you. I came out lighter and with more hope"

"The tips on how to move on 'with' were very helpful. Also the information on how the brain works was very interesting and helpful."

"The walk in the weather worked really well. We were able to discover more about each other at the same time as re-invigorating ourselves."

"I loved the workshop, thank you. You both did a fantastic job, loads of interesting content and new concepts to explore (much food for thought) and all produced while we were being entertained by the Sweeting/Burton double act. I'd recommend your workshops to other counselling practitioners (I already have)."

"Although it was a long and full day, the organisation was excellent. I felt that the training was delivered on plan throughout the day, while at the same time maintaining a very friendly atmosphere really supportive of learning. It never felt rushed or that the content was compromised for the sake of following a plan. I have attended many trainings and conferences. This aspect of the day was exceptional. Very well done."

"The section on mindfulness was useful, I enjoyed that and it is something I will take away when working with clients and for myself."

"I thought the venue was beautiful and perfect for training."


"I feel privileged to have attended previous training events hosted by Gill Sweeting and Jane Burton. Events that have been fun and inspiring. The opportunity to learn and develop in a very supportive and safe space. They are a great team, delivering sensitive and difficult subject matter, offering experiential, informative and reflective practice.

Their professional delivery is welcoming and engaging from the onset. I highly recommend Sweeting and Burton!!"